Explaining Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization (Auth) Code and How to Obtain it from your Current Registrar?

A Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization (Auth) Code is a code assigned by the Registrar at the time the domain name was Registered. This Domain (Transfer) Secret acts like a password for a domain name, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can Transfer their domain name.

To Transfer any domain name, of any of the following TLDs (extensions), you would require to first obtain the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code from your Current Registrar:

  • Authorization Code for a .EU domain name will have the format XXXX-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC where XXXX is a plain-text identifier of the current Registrar, and AAAA, BBBB and CCCC are blocks of 4 random characters (letters and digits) separated by dashes.

    The Authorization Code is generated upon request from the Registrar and is valid for a period of 40 days. Each time the code is requested, a new one will be generated on the spot, replacing the previous one and remaining valid for 40 days.

    Requests submitted during the first day (24 hours from the moment of first request) of the validity period of the code will not result in a new code being generated. The request will return the same code with the same remaining validity period.


    The first request for an Authorization Code is made on 15 Dec 2012 11.00 AM GMT. An Authorization Code will be generated with a validity of 40 days. All further requests for the code within the next 24 hours (16 Dec 2012 11.00 AM GMT) will return the same code with the same remaining validity period. Requests after the initial 24 hours will return a fresh Authorization Code.

    Authorization Code associated with a .EU domain name will become invalid immediately after use.

  • .AU

  • .BIZ

  • .BZ

  • .CA

  • .CC

  • .CO

  • .COM

  • .COM.DE

  • .DE

  • .EU

  • .IN (including only these Third Level .IN Domains: .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .ORG.IN, .GEN.IN, .FIRM.IN, .IND.IN)

  • .IN.NET

  • .INFO

  • .JOBS

  • .ME

  • .MN

  • .MOBI

  • .NAME

  • .NET

  • .NL

  • .NZ

  • .ORG

  • .PW

  • .SC


  • .SX

  • .TV

  • .US

  • .VC

  • .WS

  • .XXX

  • CentralNic Domains See details

  • Donuts Domains See details

Ideally, your domain name's Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth Code should be available within the Control Panel provided by your Registrar. In the event that you are not able to locate your Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth Code, you need to contact the Support Team of your Current Registrar, to obtain the same.